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Hill Sprints Confusion..


Ok, so I was wondering if the hill we're talking about has to be a certain incline and whether it has to be road or mountainous terrain, this is the hill right behind my house but I was wondering if this would be good enough for it..


If you are doing them specifically for conditioning, then any grade will do. The steeper the better, but at some point it stops being a sprint and becomes a climb. I like grass or turf to concrete for sprints. Good Shoes.
Speed work is another matter.


Yeah strictly conditioning/fat loss (not right now, but for future reference).

I have Asics Gels which where UK's number 1 in 2009. So they should be good enough for concrete!


When questioning hills (or anything actually), it's always safe to use Wendler Wisdom:

-Can anyone from the Vienna Boys Choir sprint the hill? If so, then you should find another hill.

-How does the hill rate on an awesomeness scale? Aforementioned Vienna Boys Choir example = 0. You puke a little bit in your mouth just looking at it = 10. The closer to 10 the better.

-If you're unsure about a hill and have to ask for opinions about it, then the awesomeness might not rate very high. Find a hill that you just know, without asking anybody about it, will kick your ass. Then sprint it until you kick its ass, and then move on to a badder hill.


Well... the whole idea of Hill sprints for me is from Wendler!

Good posts. I have a slight case of asthma, really low now I run a lot with long distance shit. Time to up my game with hill sprints.


This was my sprint hill till I moved out of the area.

Gregron and JaxUn would probably be familiar with this hill.


Ditto, man. I grew up with pretty severe asthma with attacks where every breath was a fight. I took up distance running and it strengthened my lungs. By age 18 I was regularly running marathon distances just for the heck of it and the worst attacks wouldn't even phase me. I haven't had an attack in 5 years. My last attack was brought on while clearing hay out of the loft of a barn that hadn't been touched in 10 years. I spent 4 hours up there where the dust was so thick in the air that I couldn't see 20 feet in front of me. That night I had a noticeable attack but it didn't prevent me from sleeping.


I've been doing hill sprints for a while but I shouldn't offer any advice. If you asked someone who had more experience they might ask: 'What are you doing hill sprints for? HIIT cardio or as track and field sprint training?' They then might be able to offer better advice.


Wendlers instructions are perfect.
Hill sprints really dont require much thought... thats why they are awesome

Heres a simple blog on hill sprints though


I prefer doing more shorter sprints. I usually end or start with a longer "fast" run though. I do something like a track workout, or "speed", so far its helped with my legs explode and has helped with overall stamina. Plus I run faster.
Something simple like:
3x 20m
5x 40m
5x 100m
3x 20m
2x 40m

You do decent yardage, but its all high intensity and short distances that wont kill your knees or ankles.

Also I like to mix it up with some sled drags, build-ups, mt.climbers into sprints, bearcrawls, etc.

Sprinting is really an effort thing. If your honest then it'll kick your ass and make you feel good (as in puking).