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Hill Sprints Again


Thanks for all your answers on my last question, and I've been running the hill lately and it's good.

But I was wondering if it's a good idea to be doing hill sprints a day after squats or deads on any lifting program? Or would this be too much for my legs and CNS?


I would atleast recover for 36 hours before doing hill sprints after deads or squats.
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Hmm fair enough, I don't know where to fit them in as such.....

If I was doing Wendlers, and I done my squats monday, deadlifts thursday and then done Sprints on a Saturday, would that be a better lay out?


How would anybody fit anything in around their lifting if they left that amount of recovery.

I question that you know anything at all thebird.

24 hours rest would be plenty. I've squatted M,W and Friday and done hill sprints Tuesdays and Thursdays with no ill effects and how did I get so I could manage that? I trained like that and then adapted. The only way you can adapt to a higher workload is to train with a higher workload.

If you enjoy running the hill, then run it, don't not do it because someone tells you you can't.

Don't worry about all this recovery and CNS bullshit, the average guy on here is in no danger of "frying" his CNS.

You could always do them after your squats and deads if you need more recovery time until you get used to it.


Thanks bro, good no BS aim.

I think I'll take your advice and do it on a Saturday after deads then... My quads don't burn up after deads like on squats.


I usually do them 20-30 minutes after a lower body session or in the PM if I trained in the AM (never the vice versa, affects my lifting session too much). This has been the most successful method for me as I despise running hills on sore legs.


I dont know how people do hill sprints after training legs. My legs are so fried after heavy squats that I wouldnt even try running for atleast 18 hours.
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I agree with Hillsprints PWO are a bit of a stride.

But 18 hours? I could do squats morning and sprints afternoon if I really wanted.


Run them when you want to. I run mine after every lifting session. Upper body day I only run about half of what I run on lower days. Remember, you can only push one thing at a time (strength, size, conditioning). If you are focused on conditioning then don't push your main lifts all out, and keep assistance volume to whatever you feel like for that day.