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Hill Sprinting Technique?

Hey Coach,

i read your article: The Best Damn No-Weights Workout.

There is a video about a guy sprinting uphill.

He isnt running in a straight line. He is stepping from side to side, from left to right.
I always run with my feets more in a straight line. I doenst step from side to side.

My questions:

  1. Is this guy using a normal sprinting technique?
  2. Am i running with bad/wrong/mediocre technique?
  3. Whats the difference between him and me (who is slower, who uses which muscles …)
  4. Is their a difference in “foot position” between running uphill and on a flat surface?
  5. Whats optimal for someone who is running for conditioning/health purposes?

No, it’s a sprinting mechanic that is more specific to his sport (bobsleigh) where he has to sprint on the ice. And while their shoes have some traction, the slightly sideway steps to start allows to have more of the shoe in contact with the ice, maximizing traction and force transfer. The same is not true for regular sprinting where a more linear action is preferred.

The same could be said for hockey players for whom a stride with both a vertical and horizontal component is more specific. That’s not to say that we could do all sprint work this way.