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Hill Sprint Questions


Hey guys. I'm a football player and plan on incorporating hill sprints into my weekly training. I have found a couple of great hills and have a couple of questions.

1) How many sets? How many sprints?

2) I don't have my cleats from last year because they had a few holes in them and I can't run in them. Would anyone just go in a crappy pair of gym shoes?

Thanks in advance.



The hill I run is about 60 meters long and about 8% grade. I usually run about 12-15 "laps" where I run up as fast as possible, walk down at a reasonable pace and repeat. On the days where I don't feel like sprinting all the time I may start off sprinting then dial it back some.

I do have cleats. Picked them up for $40 at Sports authority. I have run them in regular shoes and even bare foot... Point is that it doesn't matter just run up the hill. Do whatever you feel like on the day you run.


I wouldn't think about it too hard. Sprint up the hill, walk back down. Do this over and over until you've felt you've had a good session. Then do more next time.

Yes, go in crappy gym shoes. It doesn't really matter too much. Get some working cleats soon though.


Thank you. Have you gotten good results from hill sprints?



Hill Sprints are awesome. If you dont have cleats, try going barefoot. Just make sure there arent any thorns or grassburs.


You could try pyramids to make it more varied, e.g.

5 x 10yds
4 x 20yds
3 x 30yds
2 x 40yds
1 x 50yds

Take a minute or so rest before each distance increase.

Further challenges could be working back down the pyramid, adding a weight vest or just taking less rest.



My dad is going to make a prowler as well. Hill sprints AND the prowler? This is going to be fun.



hahaha yeah buddy!!


The hill sprints have helped my mountain biking more than anything. I can charge up hills faster, charge longer etc. I'm not really running them to lose weight if that's what you are asking. I'm one of those guys who doesn't care if I see abs


I just use normal running shoes to run hill sprints, and they've worked fine. The number of sprints I do will vary based on how I'm feeling that day. Honestly, it'd pretty hard to fuck up hill sprints.

I always used hill sprints to improve my conditioning for submission wrestling and muay thai and had good results. I never felt like they helped my lifting all that much though.


The pyramid scheme is solid with appropriate rest. Shoes don't matter, but throw the cleats on when the season is approaching. Find a hill and focus on giving a maximal effortâ?¦switch it up occasionally to for exampleâ?¦measure 40 yards for the base of the hill to work some speed-strength.

I wouldn't give it to much thoughtâ?¦just find a hill and run at it for 20 or so minutes


I used cleats when I did it felt much better. the hill i did was at a park with a play structure. I used to superset the hill sprints with some sort of exercise (chinups on the monkey bars) bicep band curls, pushups, crunches, split squat jumps, pogo jumps, burpees, the list is endless as long as you use your imagination. besides sprinting, try backpedaling up it is absolute hell. or side shuffle turn and go half way up the hill. bounding up the hill is another option. the hill i used was long with a solid grade on one side. and the back was very steep. ~60 degrees where i would bound and stuff. just be creative and use your imagination. lunges up the hill also. those are absolute hell. racing up hill if you have a partner? hills are awesome your posterior chain really gets hits hard. best of luck!