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Hill Springs in NYC/Long Island Area??


Hey Guys:

I live in Queens, NY but travel a lot to Long Island and Manhattan. Does anyone who lives in these areas know of some good hills where I can do hill sprints (like 30-40 yard hills)? There is a hill in Astoria Park by my house, but it is 15 yards at best. I figure Long Island or maybe Central Park in Manhattan have the kind of hill distances and steepness I'm looking for. If anyone can help me out, I'd appreciate it.



Hey there…I live in Brooklyn and feel your pain. However, if you go over by Cypress Hills/Ridgewood there are a few long hills. Its right off exit 2 on the Jackie Robinson. Traffic get rough when schools are in session, but there’s a big parking lot so you’ll always have space to park. Hope this helps.


Stairs in any building. You could do the whole Freedom Tower a few flights at a time.

Ramps in front of big buildings like stadiums or art galleries or whatever.


Thanks for the tip. Does the park have a specific name? What should I look for when I get off exit 2 of the Jackie Robinson?