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Hilarious Training Device Du Jour


"Squats on a bosu ball" are an old joke here for a semi useless exercise.

Nike, developed fancy strobo training specs to use WHILE ON the wobbly POS rubber ball!
Essentially, you're working out with an impaired vision.

What's next Nike, an electric buttplug that's sodomizing you while squatting half-blind on the bosu ball?


This doesn't belong in the bodybuilding thread. This would be great/ new training for proprioception however.


I think it was posted for the lulz.

LOL btw.


x2 on the lulz. Sad thing is plenty of people will take the bait.

This would be a terrible training device for proprioception, lol.


I cant believe someone is going to get filthy rich off of this crap. Why not just have the athlete blink faster throughout the exercise?


Sounds like fun.


Not very user friendly for epileptics, I'd say.