Hilarious Site - Don't Even Reply


From chris ******** to Me

stfu dude why are you being a prick! im not fucking gay i just cant get a fucking ride to the beach! my GIRLFRIEND happens to have a house in rehoboth!!

From Mike Partlow to chris *********

Yeah, I’m sure he does.

I think Richard Simmons is driving down there next week, try to get a ride with him.

Good find Magnar

haha what a great site, thanks for the link!


hahaa…some of them are funny…

A similar site bash.org

Yea Good “find”. MAGNAR is Mike Partlow !! LOL Get a clue People !?

Great find

Well I am sorry you won’t have the privilege of riding with me. Fortunately for me, I found a better, more badass ride to NYC. I’ll be sure to wave at your crappy little hybrid as we pass you in our F-350, spraying cans of aerosol out the window and throwing empty six-pack holders into the sea.


HA! The “vintage liquor” and “batter my whore wife” ones were a riot!

“My only request is that we stop by a lake somewhere so I can dump a can of motor oil in it…”

Nice work

Funny site.

Ironic how everyone laughs at this stuff yet gets pissed when so-called “trolls” show up on this site…

This was posted last week. No one remembers?


“If I get laid, I’ll take a picture of her rack with my camera phone for you”

Great site, great find.

Thank you

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
This was posted last week. No one remembers?[/quote]

Yes,and I will forever thank the op for it. It was a avatar of a cat. Don’t remember the name but thank you once again and thanks to the O.P for giving this site some exposure.

Holyshit, this is a great find:

Original ad:
litter of 6 kittens up for adoption! they are all 3 weeks old and are looking for a good home. contact if interested.
From Mike Hunt to @**.org


I am interested in taking all six kittens off of your hands. How much do you want for them?


From Shannon ******* to Me


Are you going to take care of all of these kittens? I want to make sure they all find a good home, and was expecting to sell them one at a time. Are you able to house all six of them?

From Mike Hunt to Shannon *******


To be honest, I own a pet Bengal Tiger and he is on a strict diet of cats. I usually feed him one cat every couple of days, so this litter should hold him over for a while. Don’t worry though, I’ll take good care of the kittens until I feed them to him.


From Shannon ******* to Me

That is horrible! You will not get a single kitten from me. I really hope you are not serious.

From Mike Hunt to Shannon *******


I was kidding. I seriously need all six kittens though. Disregard anything I said about a tiger.

From Shannon ******* to Me


Wow, “How did she know?” is hilarious. Thanks for the link.

This one is priceless: