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Hilarious Shit....Funny Youtube Clips Made You Laugh?


This thread is for daily videos to cheer you up and to get your laugh on. Here are some videos I found to be funny as hell. Post videos that you think are funny too.

The Assassination of Justin Bieber and Taylor Lautner!

Banned Jersey Shore Mastercard Commercial - Starring Snooki and Jwoww!


I'll post a few of the hundreds that i have on my youtube favorites

You're not the father!


Look for the guy walking across the screen... lol


I just wanna kiss you. I couldn't care less about the team strugglin


fuckface pug


This is a dramatization of a review of a game that was supposed to be a spoof, you just had to click spacebar and you would win. This guy apparently wasn't in on the joke and wrote this...



Rage on the Set!




This is why I love Tv from Europe.


More you're not the father!


Haha you'd think these guys just won the lottery.

On second thought they basically did... No child suppport


This is some funny funny stuff. I can't get enough of these clowns. As long as Maury keeps paying $2000 for morons to show up and look stupid he'll never run out of people.



This could even go in the Attention Whore Thred as well.