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Hilarious Self-Defense Video


The link was already posted in another topic, but it was sort of hidden and didn't get the exposure it deserved. F'n hilarious. Enjoy.


Isn't that the self-defense instructor from the movie "Napoleon Dynamite"?

Where are his yellow glasses and American flag pants? :slight_smile:


lol, that is funny. But probably one of the only self defense videos that is ligit. Bas is a bad man. I've heard rumors he will be in the UFC sometime soon. I hope it's true. He would probably be pretty dominate in the UFC.


I would seeing you tell Bas Rutten that you think he was hilarious !!


OMG. Stab in the liver. I was waiting for him to gain control of the gun at the end of the clip and shoot the liver. I wonder how many bouncers got sued for taking his advice.


I like the use of the environment in several of the situations, not many videos address that.

But, I doubt that some of those moves would work against a skilled opponent. For instance, one of his counters to a wrist grab was just to pull his hand away and then punch. I've got nothing wrong with the second part (punching), but it's not that easy to just pull your wrist out of someone's hand if they've got a strong grip.

Other than that, it seemed like decent stuff.

Good training,



WFA. He would be competitive, but until the ring rust comes off I wouldnt say dominate.


That was intense shit....

But hilarious...hahaha


So where can I learn stuff like this? Very cool.



You mean how to say "bang! bang! knee to de face!"?

J/k...actually I would be interested in where to learn this type of stuff too.


A buddy of mine bought the DVD off of ebay a few months back. He watches it no less than 4 times a week. It is worth every penny.


He has videos out, you can buy them or download them illegally, whichever you prefer. I believe he borrows some of his techniques from Krav Maga, but don't quote me on that.


yea the video itself is pretty legit. bas is one of my favorite fighters of all time and he is one BAMF (bad ass mother fucker for you Dane Cook fans). He also has a great sense of humor, he should be in movies or something since he hasn't been fighting too much lately. I know he commentates at Pride events but man I'd love to see him back on the big stage.


All I know is that you should start with a kick to the groin and go from there.


Bas was and is a pretty hard man. 3 times undefeated king of pancrase. won a UFC belt.....probably one of the best strikers to compete in MMA, and a very well rounded fighter. The video is definitely funny......but has merit. He is up there in age now...maybe 41 or 42, and has not fought since 99...probably won't be back in a ring again.


That's it, I'm hiring Bas to run security at my wedding just in case one of my relatives gets drunk and out of hand..... "Bang, bang, don't you ever do dat again!"




He is coming back, as I noted earlier. He is fighting Kimo in a WFA event. WFA is a new American league looking to compete with UFC. It has Bas, Quinton Jackson, Lyoto Machida, and some others.



I don't know if the vid posted has it [didn't watch it] but the dvd is chock full of one-liners. Theres a whole chapter titled "You called my wife fat, so now I'm gonna break your legs."


Wow that is awesome. Can't wait. Make sure to check out the multimedia and listen to the song "My Name is El Guapo." It is so funny. Here is the link.


also, he is starring in an independent film called "The Kingdom of Ultimate Power" here is the trailer, looks pretty funny: