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HILARIOUS Dog Bounty Hunter Spoof


wow, they even nailed the intro sequence!


What the helling-ass damn is this?


hi grew7, i thought i covered that in the subject heading, but i'll explain it again for you. it's a spoof of Dog the Bounty Hunter.

hope that clears it up for you.




I don't know what's more corny, this or the real Dog the Bounty Hunter. LOL


This is actually pretty funny.


finally! i knew it couldn't be just me that thought this was awesome.


Oh yea, I meant corny in a good way. They're both very entertaining.


The best part is when he called him "Brah" nine times.


yeah man, that's gold.


And Dog the Bounty Hunter is what? I guess it was just before my time or something..


Grew7 lives in a bubble


It's pretty small, too.


it's a reality show about a bounty hunter named "Dog." it's not before your time because it's a relativly new show that is still running.