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Hilarious Bally Total Fitness Commercial



So I just saw this Bally Total Fitness commercial. Has anyone else seen it? There is this dorky guy who wants to "Bulk up a little bit." He is so skinny that he looks diseased.

He then says he gained 14 in a month and flexes, and I nearly lost it. He flexes his "biceps" and says "you see that tennis ball looking thing, that wasn't there last month." Jesus. If he is "bulked up" then I am the next Mr. Olympia...



It's probably actually very good marekting. Taking someone even smaller and weaker then the average slob. The average Joe or Jane would think, 'If this guy can gain 14 lbs in a month, imagine what I can do.'


My Bally's has this little sign on the wall about anabolic steroids its funny.


Good point. I just found it really funny.



Anyone found it online so we can share the experience?