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Hilarious article about the great liberator-in-chief

“As a journalist, I can only point out that published medical evidence goes frighteningly far in explaining GW’s behavior…If George W. Bush is not crazy - he’s sure acting like it.”

I do believe you have been on the wrong website. Try oxygen.com. Your accelerated estrogen levels will be better suited there.

There are so many things wrong with that article that I’m not even going to bother explaining them.

But then, maybe the author will win the “nobel-price” for this piece.

People will always find ways to justify their viewpoints and call it evidence.

Say Say, perhaps you have been daydreaming about the girl on the bus and pulling your pud too much which has sucked the brains out of your azz.

I think T-mag should institute a rating system for users, if their rating goes negative then they’re gone. Obviously it’ll never happen though. But it would be nice because Say doesn’t seem to do much but try to cause problems on the O/T forum.

Honestly guys, stop responding to his posts. The reason he keeps posting is because he’s getting a reactive from all of you.

I agree, Derek, we need to stop responding to this lunatic. After my post.

Say, Say, say you run off and start your own communist/socialist web site, so we can all come over on a daily basis and espouse views that we know will be 180 degrees off of yours…

Why not bother to explain what’s wrong with the article? I mean if there is anything… after all the only reason nephorm gave was everyone’s worn-out way of saying “I have no response”: criticizing the author’s spelling & grammar, even though everyone understands that the author got ideas across to the reader, which is the whole point of written language.

 I third that. Let's stop giving this idiot rope.

 Say - just because we dont goddamn fuckin wanna.

I think you should go to Isreal and ride the bus…