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Hiking Trip Before Competition

A good buddy of mine is 3 weeks out from a competition as of this saturday.  He contemplating giong on a hiking trip for the weekend with some buddies and was wondering what people may think about a trip like that only being 3 weeeks out.

At this point in time he feels hes getting slghtly leaner everyday but the progress has slowed drastically. Still about 8 lbs over from where he thinks he needs to be at weigh ins.

Food is currently: (Also claims will be albe to continue eating this while away.)
2kg of chicken per day,
2 bags broccoli,
225grams carrots,
250ml eggwhites and
3 tbls cream of wheat and
2 table spoons mct oil
approx 1 gram sodium and 3-4 litres of water.

Gear is:
50mg winstrol ED
40mg halo testin ED
400masteron per week
75mg tren EOD.
Currently doing 30-50 mins cardio per day.
Sorry for the long post. I figured the more minds the better.


Well if he needs to lose weight it would be perfect. My only problem with hiking is that it takes a toll on my leg size (I have the HARDEST time growing my legs.)

I suggest he just tote along a TON of BCAAs, hike away, and make SURE to eat more than normal if he doesn't want to lose muscle mass. If he has plenty of muscle and just wants to lose fat then it really doesn't matter. I also have found I need to take 1 day off (at least) from training before going and after going.