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Hikers and Wilderness Voyagers

Big fan of this thread, I’ll have to come back and contribute more when I have some time to sit down and write later.


Thanks for the response. I am going to think about incorporating rucking into my training. It may be a good way to get more out of my shorter hikes with my dog.

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I just got back from an overnighter solo trip. 2 miles in nothing grand.

Something unique to my hiking/camping is I don’t use a tent I use a custom-made hammock and tarp.


Nevermind me, just lurking in this awesome thread.

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I camped in my hammock last weekend!


Ok so a 30L backpack isn’t as big as I thought :joy: this thing may explode at the seems before I get back. Maybe only one carryon was a bad idea lol

I’ll be watching the sunrise from the air tomorrow and will hopefully b adding some super bad ass photos of Utah to this thread when o get back!


@Voxel I hope the forum mods will allow me to share this forum with you campers out there that want to get off the ground. I am a mod of the largest hammock camping forum in the world. We have over 60,000 members. Guys and Gals post from every continent on our planet. If you speak English you are welcome.


@wanna_be summer hiking and you got everything in a 30L pack. Props Brother. Have you ever taken pics of your summer load out? I live in Colorado and mostly hike above 10,000ft. So I need a bit more safety. A 55L works best for me. Share some pics if you got them and if you ever find yourself in the Denver Co area look me up. click on the pics for a bit larger image.


Elaborate! I sleep in a Eno Onelink double nest

How many days? Hiking only? I noticed you wrote something about an AirBnB. 30L to me is a suitable daypack. It’s about the size I’d want if me and a partner were heading out to ascend a minor peak starting at the base. Clothing and food for ascent/descent. Hope it stands up for your needs!


@Voxel Two examples of custom made camping hammocks and accessories. Google warbonnetoutdoors Warbonnet Blackbird hammock. Google dutchwaregear

Day pack size. For backpacking a couple days 55 L or bigger. I have a 55 L, but I use the straps on the outside for stuff like sleeping mat / bag.

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I’m a pack afficianado - what are your favorite day pack and backpacking packs? My current stable features two Mystery Ranch packs, the Sweet Pea (30 liters) for my day pack and an older model of the Glacier (4,300 cubic inches; I forget the liter quantity) for backpacking. Although I bought it five years ago for a great clearance price, I’ve just started making friends with the Glacier this summer.

I also walk and jog with an Osprey Rev 6, a hydration pack that holds 1.5 liters of water and six liters of gear. It has a surprisingly large capacity and has held up great for eight years and counting.

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That’s a sweet set-up. Do you winter camp, too? If so, do you use the hammock and tarp in the winter as well?

Great pics :+1: Alaska is beautiful; I’d love to travel there extensively sometime.

I go light for day hikes. Usually an off brand camel pack. I have a 55 L Gregory for longer. I got it for like $50 at an REI garage sale. I also have a 25-30 L Kelty that I sometimes use.

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That Gregory was a steal! I like what I’ve seen of their quality, but something about their packs’ basic shape doesn’t fit my torso.

I have an REI Flash 40 from 12 years ago that was a virtual turtle shell/ home away from home for me. It hauled my daily law school loads, went on dozens of movie sets, was my travel carry-on and EDC pack throughout Israel during a summer internship…

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@TriednTrue I do winter camp with hammocks but not the one above.


I’m eyeing the Terraframe 65. My previous backpack was 65, and I could fit 4 days of stuff in there including the tent and sleeping back. I really dislike the color of the Terraframe 80.

Being able to separate the frame and the pack to carry extra gear will come in handy for climbing trips. I’ve used a duffel for those excursions so far and hated it.

71 liters. If this one came with the overload feature, this pack in the Adobe color would be something I ordered today.

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Woke up at ~4:30am this morning in Moab and drove to the southern canyonlands entrance to hike chesler loop trail. I planned to hit Druid arch as well but I was worried I’d lose the data from Alltrails :joy: and we know if it’s not recorded, it didn’t happen lol

Shut the car door at 6:30 and energetically trotted up what I thought was the trail. Only made it about 50 yards before I realized I either forget to bring ropes, harness, and a hard hat, or I wasn’t on the trail :joy: quick rewind with a little less enthusiasm and I was back on track.
The first few mikes were the slowest, spotting cairns and using Alltrails app took a bit of practice to get the hang of. Eventually I did get proficient as my last mile was my fastest lol.

I ran the loop clockwise, which was a mistake. I planned to go counter clockwise, and somehow forgot which way a clock spins. It finally hit me as I was almost done that a clock does indeed, turn the the way I was hiking.

I was the first person on the trails this morning and watched the sun come up which was super cool. I really wished I’d have arrived 15 minutes earlier to have had a better vantage point. A mistake I won’t be making again tomorrow.
I encountered my first person roughly 2.5 hours in to the hike. I was daydreaming about being killed by a bear or a rogue hiker when o rabbit ran right out in front of me. Scared the hell out of me :joy: seconds later a girl came from around a corner and that startled me too. Realizing I looked startled and awkward I warned her about the bunny. Of all the things I could have said, warning her about a bunny rabbit up ahead was all I had at the time.
I saw more people coming in as I was on the last few miles back to the truck. Most looked severely underprepared and out of shape. Quite a few asked “how far do I have?” And I broke the news gently.

I kept the pace extremely fast, stopping a good bit just to snap a couple pictures and moving on. Had about a 30 minute lunch on a rock and then talked to a smoking hot chick for a while before heading back to the truck. She laughed at all my damn jokes, I spent the next 3 miles wondering why I didn’t ask her to dinner/drinks :roll_eyes:.

Did roughly 12 miles in 4.5 hours, my phone logged 30k+ steps and I had it in my hand quite often for maps (idk if it counts steps then?)

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