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Hijacking of Threads


I know its hard to find people you get along with. Moreover, hard to find people with the same interests as you when it comes to lifting. However, with that said, must we continue to hijack peoples threads who have legitimate questions or comments with friendly and sometimes flirty banter?

Personally, I find it annoying to find a post that interests me and not being able to find any information pertaining to the question/comment at hand because users decide to tlk to eachother through the OPs Post. Seriously guys, cant you just email/im/call/text or become pen pals?-whatever it is that slicks your hair back...


I'd like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to nephorm, Hanley, Zap, X, rainjack, dollarbill, FightingIrish, push, Rock, bushido, and so many more people I don't have time to name.


Hey, I can't find my left shoe. The brown one with the comfy inserts. Anybody seen it?


Right on brother. I feel the love.

By the way, how bout them Giants? I still can't believe they won the Super bowl.


I can't believe you removed your "DL in a Thong" video. WTF?


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Hows things bushy?


Anyone here know what "diddy bopping" means?

Heard it in a song the other day and man I'm confused.


and i can't believe you're such a douche. you've got your own frickn thread for chrissakes do you really need to come piss around over here too ?


hey irish about the cement knuckle pushups you mentioned in the best place to punch someone thread, can i do those with german volume training ? what supps would you recommend ?


Rainjacks a douche.


Let me make clear, once and for all, beyond the shadow of a doubt, I, indeed, do like pancakes.


According to the online "Urban Dictionary"---> the "bop" and "swag" P. Diddy was walking with when he beat his court case.


Seems to me DB must be offline, no?


i was thinking about buying Metabolic Drive is it good i don't know if i should buy it or something else can someone help me with this thanks



i hear you liek mudkips...




i dunno man it doesnt look so good to me you should try some NOxplode i hear that's great stuff


What's my bodyfat?

I'm wearing a size 11 Asics cross trainer.


i squat in the curl rack.... wait, i mean...