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First of all, I searched FAQ’s, did a regular site search and searched in the forum, but could not find the article that outlines “High Intensity Interval Training”. If anybody could tell me where it is, or outline it for me, that’d be great. Thanks in advance.

Sprint as fast as you’re able for as long as you’re able. Usually around 25-35s for me. Continue by jogging for at most 3x your sprinting time. Rinse and repeat for 20min

For starters, try this:

Warm up 5min

sprint 20s

jog 60s

spring 20s

jog 60s, repeat the sprint/jog pattern for 20min

cool down 3-4min, if necessary.

Check into this if you get a chance.
Issue #205 John Berardi “The Winning Formula”.
It contains some excellent information on anaerobic interval training that has been researched and proven to be extremely effective for fat loss and conditioning. Several of my clients have applied this method and have had great success with it. HIIT training works well but with my experience AIT is the winner here.