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HIIT With Wendler 5-3-1


Any one using HIIT cardio with this program? How are you setting it up??


You can do it immediately after your workout or on the off days.


Yep..doesnt matter..after or on days off!!
Just get the work done!


Check out Wendler's log at Elite he is experimenting himself with hill sprints for conditioning


I'm doing prowler sprints after my lifting. Its easier on upper body days than lower obviously...


This is true.

However, Jim recommends performing the prowler sprints, HIIT and other intense cardio for after your lower body days and easier cardio on upper body days.

It actually makes sense to do it that way since you won't be fatiguing your legs the day before or after you hit them with the weights, thus giving you a little more rest. Sure, it will be harder doing it after a leg workout, but in the long run (and from my own experience), it works better.