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HIIT With Short Weight Session?


Right now I am cutting. I have a slow metabolism naturally so I like to incorporate HIIT. I've also decided to train 5 days/week, but very short training days.

mon - chest/tricep
tue - quads/calf
wed - off
thu - hams/glutes/calf
fri - shoulder/traps/tricep
sat - back/bicep/calf
sun - off

This way my metabolism seem higher throughout the week. I set a very low volume for this routine, maybe 30-40min tops lifting weights. here's an example week

mon - bench press, close grip bench
tue - front squat, calf raise
thu - deadlift, romanian dead, seated calf rs
fri - hang clean+push press, military press to head(tri)
sat - pull up, row variation, bb curl, 1 leg db calf rs

I am incorporating 10-20 min HIIT at the end of every workout, using different methods that this website has given me ideas. For example, yesterday was front squats.

I did 6*4 front squats 80kg (i know, it's a problem for another post)and after calves went to hiit. The way I did HIIT was I did 20 reps of very light front squats (20kg) and 30 sec bici (low intensity) and 20 reps and so on until I had done this for 20 min.

Is this OK? Or is it bad to do this kind of thing with the same exercise directly after the heavy work with the same exercise?? Friday, shoulders, I will do hang clean and press heavy, and then for HIIT I'll do the same hang clean and press really light and do 30 sec of walking incline treadmill or something - you get the idea - for, depending on how I feel 10 - 20 min.

This is the same for every day that I work out except for chest, where I will do db swing or something, but always an exercise that requires more energy, compound multi joint. My workout are never more than an hour and most of the time much less.

I guess the main question I have is if it's ok to do 100 - 200 reps of really light reps with the HIIT of the same exercise i was just doing 5 minutes before, but heavy?
This post is way too long sorry, but I also wanted to know what you think of my program? Too much?






The problem with your program is that you're not lifting enough and you're not choosing good exercises. Think about how many muscles are in your back - lats, traps, spinal erectors, etc. You've got all those muscles and you're targeting them one day a week, using nothing but deadlifts. Now think about how much smaller your calf area is compared to your back. It's just one muscle group, and you're specifically hitting them three times a week.

I've no idea how 'slow' your metabolism is, but one of the best ways to increase it is to do heavy compound lifts that target more muscle mass. If your program has three kinds of calf raises but no chins or rows, that's a problem. Search the site for articles on 'compounds' or 'complexes', you'll turn up some good fat-loss articles that involve full body training. You can do calf raises until your legs cramp up, but they're not going to leave you panting and heaving like a few sets of heavy bent-over rows.

Once you get that sorted out and start lifting in a metabolically challenging fashion, you won't be wanting to do any HIIT on days you lift - you'll be too tired :slightly_smiling: Lift three hard days a week, perform some kind of HIIT two days a week, rest two days a week and see where that takes you.


That was a half-ass attempt to show you my program in this thread I'll admit, I made the whole one in the beginners thread a couple hours ago, here it is- http://www.T-Nation.com/tmagnum/readTopic.do?id=1797106 .

As you can see here I had already put in the rows and chins(pull ups) and I don't really see a lack of big compound exercises, tell me if I'm wrong... Also, take a look here before thinking I'm doing calf raises until my legs fall off, you can see that throughout the whole week I only do 5 drop sets, they respond well for me this way, and my calves are actually one of my best features.

Thanks for the suggestions, but could you check out the other thread and let me know what you think?


What would be wrong with picking a program like TBT M, W, F and doing HIIT on T, Th, Sat...or T, Sat...if you want to focus more on cutting? Why do you want to only lift each body part once every 7 days?


Check out the new thread, with my finished workout -
I never wanted to lift each body part once every 7 days. With my routine listed better here - http://www.T-Nation.com/tmagnum/readTopic.do?id=1797106 i lift each bodypart this many times in seven days:

chest - 2
shoulders - 3
triceps - 2
biceps - 1 (ok 1, but I don't give a shit about my biceps, they're good enough for now, not going to waste my time)
quads - 2 (3 if you count the HIIT Saturday)
hams - 2 (3 if you count HIIT Monday)
glutes - ''
traps - 3

By the way, nothing would be wrong with picking a program like you say, mine just seems a bit more fun, and I think I will respond better to this, and I also think this kind of program would motivate me much more to do HIIT than a program where there are days of ONLY HIIT. Check out the more thorough routine and tell me what you think! http://www.T-Nation.com/tmagnum/readTopic.do?id=1797106


Honestly...no one wants to follow a bunch of links to help you out man, sorry. I did follow the link, but that was a pretty confusing thread.

I strongly suggest that you just sit back for a while, maybe take a couple days off and read articles on here. Here's a good one...and this will guide you through everything...



I find it difficult for one to be confused, because it's not that difficult of a routine, but sorry for you if you are. 5 days, 2-3 exercises/day, and HIIT every workout day, 2 days of nothing, seems simple enough to me. If you actually read the post and something still confuses you, ask me and I can try to explain in more detail, don't really see how that's possible though...

And by the way, thanks for the info on the article, but I've already read it though along with every other article by Waterbury, once again, if you had actually read the routine you could probably see a bit of his influence there along with many other authors


Well, now you edited your posts, or someone else did. Originally, it took you 5 posts to come out with your plan...then you changed it, then you changed it again two more posts later.

Either way, vermillion gave you advice...and then you directed him to another thread, and dismissed what he said.

Just read a program and follow it for a couple weeks or a month...then once you really get a feel for things and how that program works for you, start changing things. Fact is there are hundreds of different programs laid out by professionals right here on this site...that can be followed and adapted over time to suit your individual needs. I have yet to see a single program that has you lifting chest twice a week, shoulders three times a week, triceps twice, biceps once, quads twice, hams three times, and traps three times. That's far too confusing.

I realize this is a bit redundant, and if you read the threads here, you'll probably see this said a million times...but you should be deadlifting, squatting, bench pressing, doing pull-ups and rows.

My advice, focus on compound movements, throw the tricep kickbacks, wrist curls, leg extensions, and situps out the window and go move some weights around. Once you get a firm grasp on things, then you can experiment and change a program to how you think it should be.

So anyway, keep shit simple, quit worrying so much about when you do what, find a program that you believe in, and follow it.


I think you should "keep shit simple" and keep to yourself, but if you feel you have to post here again criticizing the routine without ACTUALLY READING IT, I'll be happy to continue beating up on you


Oh well, don't ask for advice unless you want it. Good luck with that new routine...and good luck sticking with it. You definitely seem like you're heading down the right track...you're keeping an open mind, and that's the most important part.


Fuck me, your on this shit 24/7, I would think that you would have time to READ the routine before giving me your "advice". It's hard to have an open mind with somebody giving advice on a routine that they haven't even looked at. I'll keep you posted on my progress, because I'm sure you're interested. And thanks for wishing me good luck on sticking with the routine, even though it's not even difficult. I don't know, maybe for you 40 min/day 5 days/week is a fuckin killer...


Dude, couple things:

  1. Don't keep bumping your own post to get more responses within an hour of posting it. Just be patient.

  2. Don't ask for peoples advice and then dimiss it because it's not what you want to hear. If you don't agree, then fine, do what you want. If all you're looking for is "Man, that's a good routine," then here you go: Man, that's a good routine.

  3. Don't take offense when people don't want to follow a couple different threads to read a routine that doesn't seem to have any overall theme to it, it just kinda bounces around. I'm not saying you're not hitting all your muscles enough or any of that, I'm just saying I don't see a solid routine. It's just all over the place.

My final advice: You seem to like this routine, so go do the damn thing. If it doesn't work, change it up. Not too hard. People always seem to post and get offended when they don't get the response they want. BTW, your welcome for the bump.



Where do I start, first I wouldn't be suprised if this is deapee, but if it's not you are obviously as stupid as he is.

  1. I'm not bumping my post, I'm fucking responding to deapee, or are you illiterate too?

  2. I'm not dismissing anybody's advice on the routine, only unfounded advice by people who won't take the time to actually look at it. Everything he said DID NOT APPLY TO THE ROUTINE I POSTED. In some cases, he recommended to me exactly what the fuck was already there! You call this advice?

AAAnd, (OMFG), I wouldn't put the routine here in the first place if all I wanted was to hear how good it is, what's the point of that? I don't know if you understand these big words, but I was looking for "constructive criticism". No thanks to you and yourself, I have received this and have changed the routine accordingly.

  1. I invite your dumbass to debate why my routine is "all over the place" It seems like, for many people on this website, if a routine is more than 4 days, "IT'S JUST PLAIN FUCKING CRAZY!!!" Something sets off in your fucked up little head and it's "all over the place" and you can't make sense of life anymore.

"BTW" thanks for the double bump, now I realize you fucks who criticize without explaining why, only by saying stupid shit like "all over the place" when it's actually very simple, are just helping me to show more people the thread.


danian1 just get in the gym and start your goddamn program.


Yup, that's where you bumped it.

Yup, that's where you bumped it a second time.

Other than that, if you don't agree with my (or deapee's) advice, calling us stupid doesn't really accomplish anything (except establish that you're a douchebag). Either way I did read the other thread through a little and it sounds like you're getting some sound advice so good luck. No sarcasm intended (seriously).



Everything works.

Nothing works forever.


shit, your right, thought that was on a different post. That was also before anyone had responded, wanted to make sure it didn't get missed. Maybe you're not stupid, but your post sure is (the one from before, I mean), sorry for assuming


dude, thanks for the advice before, but WTF. I already started the goddamn program monday. You might think I haven't been to the gym, posting here so much, but I have so much more free time now only being in the gym 30-40 min :wink: More energy too as you can see, it's incredible. Don't know if it's the routine or the AD or a combination of both, but I feel better than I've felt in my life!