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HIIT vs TBT for Fat Loss


now, in a very general sense, let's assume that a person had the time/inclination to train two or more times per day. obviously, if the goal was muscular hypertrophy, the more weight lifting you do, the better your results would be.

my question then, i guess, is this: if you were going to add a training session to your routine with the expressed intent of using it to either cause fat loss or control bodyfat levels, which would be more beneficial? hiit or a total body weight training session involving clean and jerks, jumps, plyometrics, and the like?

just curious. i'm gonna test both methods out but just wanted to get some input. thanks. joe


you don't sound nearly experienced enough to know how to add a conditioning element to a 2 a day program. More training = more results? Why not lift 4 times a day then? It would help you to pick up a basic text book on physiology so you can learn what hypertrophy actually is. Secondly, clean and jerks, plyos, and jumps are tools for developing power...not for fat loss or conditioning. What the hell is your goal anyway? Are you planning on training twice a day and adding a workout for fat loss? Do you have a primary goal? For fat loss, I'd recommend 3 times/week (yes week..not day!) TBT.

Seeing that you're an 05-er, you're either a troll (in which case joke's on me), or you haven't read any of the articles on this site in the last 5 years.


i'll admit, my FIRST instinct upon reading this response was to somehow find your address and burn your house down... my SECOND instinct was to simply not even dignify your idiocy with a proper response... but i'll bite, though.

to answer your question, yes, more training DOES equal more results (provided nutrition and recovery are in order, of course). i knew it made sense when Waterbury started talking about it years ago... and i'm even more positive about it now that even ct is hopping on the high frequency bandwagon. i'd also like to add that it's kind of amusing/ironic that it's taken about 60 years for bodybuilding to come full circle (back to frequent full body workouts ala hoffman), but, i digress.

i would also like to take this opportunity to state that, as i actually have a bachelor's degree in exercise science, i have probably FORGOTTEN more about physiology and hypertrophy than you've simply ever known... but, again, that is neither here nor there.

as a matter of fact, you've actually only managed to showcase your own ignorance on most exercise related topics when you stated that, and i quote "Secondly, clean and jerks, plyos, and jumps are tools for developing power...not for fat loss or conditioning". if you knew a jefferson lift from barbell hack squat, sir, you'd know that it is the general parameters of an exercise (weight used, reps, sets, rest periods, speed of execution, etc.) that primarily determine an exercise's metabolic utility... not the exercise itself... that and the fact that if you've ever actually DONE 10 sets of clean and jerks with your 7rm, with basically no rest between sets, you wouldn't be questioning it's validity as a fat loss or conditioning tool.

finally, to answer your last (and, admittedly, most cliched) question about goals, i assume my goals are like just about everyone's here: to have more muscle and less fat.

and, fyi, i obviously know that DIET is of paramount importance in both weight control/fat loss... i simply posed a question regarding which training approach (weights or cardio) anyone reading this thought was more efficient to that end.

but you apparently misread it as an invitation to act like a dumb, disrespectful, jack off impersonating an intelligent, polite, fellow traveler.

reading comprehension, my friend.


Are you on the creatinz? You seem to have anger issues.

PS this is a joke, please laugh. Please don't burn my house down.