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HIIT vs. low-impact

ok guys how would you recommend i go about a cutting cycle. an hour of walking on a treadmill at high incline a few days a week, or HIIT training? should i be mixing, like doing each 3 days a week? any advice would be appreciated. thank you

I would mix up aerobic cardio, anaerobic cardio, heavy lifting (5x5), and a low carb diet. This is all outlined in JB’s “the winning formula”

I concur. The “Winning Formula” is one of the best plans ever devised.

What kind of diet are you on, Kurt? That might also help with deciding when you perform your different intensities of cardio.

For example, for those on a low-carb diet, it might be better to perform HIIT sessions earlier in the week, provided that you’re carbing up; subsequently, as glycogen stores deplete over the course of the training week, longer duration, moderate intensity sessions might be advised.

I don’t think that you can exclude HIIT or interval training, whether you include it as part or as whole would be up to you.

interesting points, i am a low carb guy. I am a T-Dwag type of guy, and am sort of planning on doing the type of diet mentioned in “Steroid Dieting” an old t-mag article. the article sais that with use on heavy anabolics a 200lb bodybuilder could get by on 1650 cal, and i am 240 (naturally came doen from 265 or so), and now think i will eat around 2000 cal (will up to 2500 if needed). with heavy juice i plan on a 2000cal diet…100g of carbs (400 cal), 300g of protein (1200 cal), and the remaining 400 cal from fat. if needed i might take a carb up day every 2-3 weeks. the fat fast recommneds even less cal and 50% fat, 50% protein, but it is more or less similar, and i think i am incorporating the same principles. basically i was asking HIIT, low impact or both…and u answered my question, so thanks