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Hiit Variations, treadmill, track?

Im doing Hiit 3x’s a week. I’ve always beleived varrying your type opf cardio was a good idea. So my first workout was on the track, my second on a treadmill, will a bike or another form of cardio be effective for a third type?, or should i just alternate the other 2?

Try jumping rope/swimming/stairs/hills all of these are great options.


maybe i’ll try jumproping

Here is a brutal rope program… ENJOY!



in my opinion treadmills are dangerous for HIIT training. you can’t control the speed safely and they don’t fit my stride for a sprint even though i’m 5’9" tall. i prefer the sit down type stationary bike. puts less stress on the male pelvic area. laters pk

I say that you should use as many different variations as you possibly can - it keeps the hard work mentally fresh and gives you new challenges to work with. I’ve used rowing ergs, treadmills, running outside, running stairs, stairclimbers, ellipticals, stationary bike, biking outdoors, jump roping, body weight movements, high rep db or kbell lifts, etc. all in different ways to do HIIT work.

My best advice is to choose something where workload adjustments are very fast - this is where the treadmill is the weakest of all cardio equipment. Just about any other equipment works as well as running outside.

thanx for the replies…i jumped rope today it was a good workout. So i think im gonna use the 3, On the track, treadmill, jumprope.
And on everyworkout im going to increase by a rep or 2.
Today on jumprope I sprinted 30, went easy 1 leg at a time for 30, easy both legs for 30, then i hit a speed bag for the remaining time in my first couple sets. Eventually my shoulders started feeling like they were going to fall off, so i had to rest totally for the last 30. I will look into the renegade rope training for the future.