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HIIT, Treadmill vs. Eliptical?


I'm getting ready to start Waterbury's new summer program and this will be the first time doing HIIT.

I was just wondering if I have to run on the treadmill for this or can I use an eliptical. What will give me the best results?


One time I was sprinting on the elliptical and my foot slipped off. That hurt. Now I just do sprints outside...


Sprinting on a treadmill is just about the dumbest and most dangerous thing you can do.

Anyway, I do not recommend running unless your goal is to improve your running abilities. The elliptical is at least as good for burning calories, and much safer.


Stationary bike and jump rope are options too.

I use a punch bag too even sometimes (resisting HIIT the punch bag joke.....)


I can't stand treadmills and the like. Sprinting on a track is an option. No one has mentioned swimming yet, which could work, depending on availability.


The treadmill is much better for calorie burn than the eliptical. And why would you not recommend running unless you were trying to improve running?????????????

Controlled sprinting is a very efficient and safe manner of exercise. Unless you're George Jetson.


Sprinting on a treadmill is worthless

why can't you run outside? Your body has to work harder to push your body than to just hop up and down really fast on a treadmill.

The goal of being on a treadmill is to not fall off the back. You go as fast as you can without falling off.

Running outside your goal is to actually take your weight and move it forward.

Get yourself a pair of track spikes and a track and that will really hit your posterior chain


Agreed that sprinting outside is optimal

Disagree that treadmill is worthless.

Most research indicates about a 15% difference in cals burned on a treadmill due to the fact the track is moving. That can be compensated for with incline. It's not the best, but when the situation dictates--like winter in WI--it's better than doing nothing

So you scale your workout a tad differently. It can still be a safe and efficient workout.