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HIIT Sprints KMA (kicking my ass)

Just completed a lovely Sunday morning Spring sprint interval session. 30 seconds of hard sprinting followed by a 90 second walk. After completing 15 cycles of this I’m feeling a bit fatigued (just a tad!).

Intensity is where it’s at! By the last 5 cycles I was up to 96% max heart rate (185 bpm)!

Anybody else out there kicking their own ass with the sprints? If you’re not, give it a go as you be pleased with the excessive calorie expenditure.

By far one of the most challenging cardio sessions you will ever do!

I’m in the same boat right now. Until recently the only cardio I’ve been doing is jumping rope. I do think jumping rope is good, but it doesn’t compare to sprinting.

I’ve been doing a 1:3 ratio just like you. But, I sprint balls-out for 10s and then jog for 30s and repeat this 8-10 times. I’d like to get this number up to around 12 though. After that, I’ll start cutting down on the rest time.

Yes, HHIT sprints kick my ass. After about 5 sprints, I’m to the point where I’m only mustering out a fast jog. Very taxing!

I’m on week 5 of CT’s 12 week Running Man program and started IBUR this week, and I thought the intervals were tough! IBUR is a real kick in the pants.

Its the thoughest work-out Ive ever tried. 204bpm is my personal record on HIIT.

So Berardi recommends 15 cycles of sprint/rest and Christian advises about 6-7 it seems in his various HIIT schemes; which is ideal? I know for a beginner/novice the ideal work to rest ratio is 1:3, but how many sets should I be doing for maximal fat loss? For the time being, this will be done on a stationary cycle until the weather clears up…


Texas, I think a lot comes down to what other training you are doing and diet. I have found Running Man challenging without overtraining. JB’s was a bit too much for me. Intervals and IBUR would fit fine on the cycle.