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HIIT Routine

It’s my first post so don’t be to hard on me. By the way is there any welcome section of the forum?

Any here’s the routine:

Warm up phase- 5 min walking and 5 min running.

Work phase: 30 seconds sprint and 90 seconds running for 5 cycles.

Cooling down phase is same as Warm up phase.

Your overall goals would be helpful along with your current stats, training history, etc. (If you want detailed and well thought out replies.)

But, what you posted doesnt seem too bad.

Well here’s my routine. When I reach 3x20 on all exercises I will add weight and keep reps below 10. My only equipment are 30 kg of weight ( 2x5 kg metal plates and 2x10 rubber plates) and a EZ curl bar which I don’t use. I do pullups at a basketball basket which has a pull up bar welded to it and fortunately other bars on it are very thick ( I will use them in future to avoid tendonitis).

Pistol squats - 2-3x10-20 / 45
Dips - 2-3x10-20 / 45
Chinups - 2-3x10-20 / 45
Decline Pushups - 2-3x10-20 / 45 - I’m advancing towards a handstand pushup
Towel Inverted rows - 2-3x10-20 / 45
Hanging leg raises - 2-3x10-20 / 45 -working my way up to a full hanging V-up
Back extensions -2-3x10-20 / 45 -eventually, I will try glute-ham raises

I increase reps like this 7, 7, 7, next time 7, 7, 8 etc…

My current goals are: 25 pullups and 3x20 on all exercises.