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Id like to hear how some of you have implemented HIIT into your training programs? What are some good protocols? How has this type of training worked for you as far as fat loss? etc.

HIT can work for anyone and the ways it can be implemented are quite diverse and the combinations are endless. Check out Christian Thibadeaus recent “running man” article and that will give you some good ideas how to begin implementing it

Gabe, I think that the general consensus in these parts is that HIIT is the shiznit. Maybe not the be-all and end-all in terms of fat loss, but it’s practiced and preached by nearly every one of us.

I’ve always included this type of cardio training as the exclusive source or as a complementary source.

Christian’s Running Man article (as Kelly already alluded) will provide you with some good examples. In addition, there’s a thread over in the Dog Pound about HIIT by Stubob in which Eric Cressey gives some good examples and alternatives.

Basically, whatever your flavor–whether you like to do cardio out or indoors–you can apply HIIT principles.

I would probably suggest that you begin with two sessions per week on days that you are not lifting.

How bout something like this:

Jump Rope 1 Min Rest 30 Seconds 1/2 B/W Deadlifts 1 Min Rest 30 Seconds Run 1 Min Rest 30 Seconds The Bear 1 Min Rest 30 Seconds Kettlebell Swings 1 Min

Rest 2 Minutes

Repeat 4 times

What do you think of this?

the hiit that i use starts off w/ a 4 minute warmup, then 20 sec. sprints/10 sec. jogging for 4 mins., then a 4 minute cooldown. pretty simple, tough as hell though.

Gabe, you’re only allowed to post the same question once in a 24-hour time period. You should be ashamed:-)