HIIT Post-Workout Shake?

I changed up my routine and I am doing HIIT training 3 days a week. I need to drop some serious weight so I am also dieting and using a compound movement type lifting routine. I have a pretty good diet for the most part but I am a little confused on the PW Nutrition for HIIT Training. My current shake is 48 grams or protein and 6g or carbs. It that recommended or should I be using a different blend.

I know some of you will want to know so:

Weight: 247lbs
Height: 5’11"
BF: 27.8% (Skinfold tested last week)

My profile has the scary images.

Yeah I am also doing HIIT and I didn’t know what to take after either. I just took some BCAA but now mine are gone so I am not sure.