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HIIT or Steady State Cardio?


Hey guys, I'm new to the forums been on for a bit really reading up some good stuff on bodybuilding. I thought this would be a good place to ask about with is best for fat loss. I heard many people use HIIT and say it is good for fat loss, but also steady state cardio is also good. Anyone got any preferences to what they thinks best?

Thanks for the advice


both work well. I prefer tempo training though. I usually run a very steep hill about 2.5 km long, and try to set a time pb the days im feeling good. Found its given me more than intervals when it comes to aerobic benefit. All I did before was weight training and some HIIT (typically short, all out sprints) but my resting heart rate was still in the mid 60s.

Now, after just a few months of this type of cardio im down in the high 40s. Very pleased with that. But im mainly after heart health and aerobic benefit. for fat loss, id say a good diet is most of the equation, but any type of cardio is gonna help your efforts.

just my two cents, happy training:)


Hey mate, thanks for the 2 cents input. Theres a small hill in the local park so taking up on your advice, i think im going to try sprinting up that a few times.


No problem buddy. Happy to be of any help:) If you are new to hill running you are probably gonna hate it in the beginning, its pretty rough. Personally I thought I was gonna have a heart attack the first time I ran(actually i still kinda do). But when you get more used to it and start seeing and feeling progress your gonna love it. I would advise you to time yourself up there, and try to beat the time.

Let me know how it goes mate!:slightly_smiling:


Yeah, its definitely a humbling experience.


I use hill running withe all my athletes with great results


Hey, thanks for all the replys. I tried out the hill spriting this morning and man was it tough. The hill is about a 50 yard stretch, sprant up it and then walked back down to the bottom, did this 5 times after that i nearly collapsed. Definatley be doing this in the future from now on.


I lost about 10kg's in 2 months by using steady state cardio. Just 45 mins 5-6 days a week, 60-70% max heart rate. Didn't losy any explosiveness...


hahaha i had the exact same experience today. First day of running hills. 50 yard stretch, incline got more vertical towards the top. I thought i was in good shape, then my head got light and my stomach wanted to empty its contents onto the ground. 5 sprints total. It is going to stay in my conditioning program.

goal is to get up to 20 sprints twice a week. Tons of hills around me, i will probably switch it up often


I think pretty much all of the research shows that HIIT will drive more fat loss that steady state cardio and that's my experience as well. The only problem I have with HIIT that if I'm doing my usual PL/BB workouts, the HIIT is harder to recover from and it reduces my weight training capacity. For that reason, I use low intensity cardio, 20-30 mins on my non-lifting days, to accelerate fat loss.


Does anyone think that hill sprinting 3 times a week is too much or just right? I plan on sprinting thursday, friday and Saturday (straight after I finisih uni).


I think 3 times a week is definitely do-able, but it might be hard to keep the intensity up 3 days in a row.


I was thinking this but those days are the only chance I have doing them because of my busy Uni schedule. I'll give it a go for two week see how I feel. I also do do weights Monday (Chest and Biceps) Tuesday ( Legs) Wednesday (Shoulders) Friday (Back and Triceps)


Are those the only two options? I find that weightlifting was the most effective for me. Cutting from 20 to 9% I didn't do any HIIT or steady state.


Are those the only two options? I find that weightlifting was the most effective for me. Cutting from 20 to 9% I didn't do any HIIT or steady state. [/quote]

That's pretty impressive that mate. Did you have a really strict diet in order to acheive this?


Bingo. I also did total body training, mostly circuit and supersetting with little to no rest between sets. For the body part split training you're doing I'd be all about the HIIT and complexes. For some people, steady state is a great active recovery on non-lifting days. You have to discover for yourself what grooves with you. Whenever I do ANY steady state, it throws off my lifting, reduces my mobility, and doesn't really do anything for me in terms of fat loss. My "before" picture is from the days that I did 30-60 min of steady state cardio 3-4 times/week. My diet was shit, so take that with a grain of salt. I didn't know jack shit about proper eating and training practices at that time.


Anglo - Following a Wendler article, I started sprinting hills... I have not missed a workout of doing every other day for about 5 months now, NOT A DAY. I have gone from 230 to 200 lbs and my pull ups went from 1 to 10. I haven't lost any strength, have lost a boatload of fat, and my cardio/conditioning is way up. I am 30 and haven't played many organized sports since college.

I was called up by a few buddies to go play full court basketball (4 of the 10 guys in the gym played college ball in the last year!), and I was in as good a shape as anyone on the court (including a few guards built to run and jump like gazelles). Anyways, it is getting me toward my goals and I love it... it's more of a love/hate relationship (the gift and the curse), but it is working for me.

I also err on the side of slower speed w/ less time between reps for the cardio benefit and b/c it's a beating. The first few weeks I did this, I hit 90 degree summer weather and spent a few evenings on the couch popping advil like skittles, but it has been well worth it.

HIIT is where it is at, and you can't get any more hardcore than hills (that said, I retract... I wish I had a prowler).

Good luck and get after it... IMHO - there are very very few guys "overtraining" when it somes to running (keeping in mind it may take a few weeks to get conditioned for it). If my white men can't jump hiney can do it every other day, ANYONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO.


ps - you want to drop fat... DIET is where it is at. Calories in (food) / Calories out (metabolism, HIIT or steady state, etc) is the formula for weight loss, BUT diet is the key to the equation.


I don't get it. So if I consume 3,000 cal today, and only burn 1,500 I get cal in/cal out = 2...so what? What does this number mean and what does it have to do with weightloss? There is no "equation" to weight loss. Our metabolism evolves monthly, weekly, daily, hourly and varies with activity level.

Yesterday, I ate 10 twinkies for 1500 cal, and I burned 2000. By your logic, I'm going to cut fat...yay!

In more recent news, scientists have discovered that the earth is, in fact, not flat.


I don't follow what you're saying. He's absolutely correct. Your metabolism can evolve or change, but if you're doing exercise and have a caloric deficit, you'll lose weight. The number 2 doesn't mean anything, except you took in double the calories you burned. It's not the davinci code.