Hiit or Boring Cardio on Cycle?

I am debating choosing 2x 20 min hiit running a week
or 2x 45 min jogging a week

I am worried that combined with increased aggression I will overdo the hiit and mess my recovery up. I have no idea :S

oh fine, hiit twice a week. I wont go faster than I did when i wasn’t on cycle. BAM, answered my own question.
still interested in some of yuour opinions though.

I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s not much reason to do long, slow cardio unless you’re training to be an endurance athlete. This is coming from a guy who used to run around 40 miles a week. I enjoyed it but I didn’t enjoy being small and weak. Funny thing is, I’ve put on very little fat even while all-out bulking, as long as I do my part in the gym. And even though I’ve done almost no cardio (outside of my job) for over a year, the couple times I have run I was surprised to find that I hadn’t lost much aerobic capacity at all. Yeah, I can’t run a 4:56 mile like I could in high school, but who cares? When is that useful in daily life? I have to lift heavy stuff all the time, though. Strength is just more useful. When I do decide to incorporate some cardio, it will be HIIT or something similar.

HIIT burns much more fat because the heart is being forced to work harder for shorter periods of time. Ive always done HIIT and its worked really well for me.

so the concern is ‘increased aggression’ leading to ‘overtraining’ ??

any other (mostly) mythic madness we can add to this mix ??