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HIIT on an eliptical machine

Anyone know of any good recommendations for doing hiit on an eliptical trainer?

When I have to avoid impact for shin splints, post surgery or my other training just provides too much impact I like to do the eliptical.
1 minute ‘jog’ pace, 30 sec ‘sprint’ pace. you can do this for 25 min.
Of course there are many variations.

You can follow CT’s Running Man article recomendations and just apply them for the eliptical

Scrappy do you have access to a pool? You can do a GREAT total body HIIT in a pool when those shins hurt. I have chronic shin splints also. The BEST way that I found to aleviate them is a pair of Nike SHOX. Yup for me it was changing my sneakers. Get a pair specifically for what you’re going to be using them for more. If it’s basketball get a basketball pair, if it’s cross training get a cross training pair. They have helped me tremendously.

Warm up for 5 minutes…keep your RPM the same (around 70 for me). Start at level 5 and every minute, raise it another level (6,7,8,etc), while keep the RPM the same. By the end of 10-15 minutes you will be running slowly like the babes on Baywatch

Thanks PGA…I was kind of recapping why I first used the eliptical instead of sprinting, which I think is #1. I learned to use it when I got splints and recommend it to friends who get them. I don’t have a pool but I found asics kayano’s really helped my shin splints. Also I can only sprint 2x/week, more than that is trouble. Another factor is my weight. If I’m over 200 I get them easier. Last thing with the eliptical is it’s just good when you have plyos or other impact in your routine. I’m a grappler/fighter so I sometimes have a lot of joint stress and don’t need any more from sprinting. That’s a good time for eliptical. But for most guys with physique goals, if they aren’t having any other impact I think just sprinting HIIT is king. I think for grappling/sports fitness training swimming is a great source of HIIT variation. For the fat loss/physique goal, I’m not sure swimming is ideal. I think you can throw it in from time to time but I seem to remember someone saying it shouldn’t be your focus if fat loss is the goal. Poliquin and others might be where I heard this. Anyway, that’s my 2cents