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HIIT On a rain day

Today is my HIIT day, where i do 7 sprints on a track and a few warm-ups. However its raining a chit storm outside. Does anyone have a form of HIIT that can be done indoors?

I would recommend jumping rope inside. I don’t know if you could consider it HIIT but I imagine you could apply some type of intervals to it. Either way, it will really get the 'ol ticker going.

Just run in the rain.

Why does everyone fear getting wet?

if you have a room with a high ceiling, you can do jumprope mixed with weights. there were routines in a t-mag article, something about train like a man, not a rodent or something.

basically, do a couple minutes of jumping rope, then do a dozen or so dumbell exercises such as cleans, curls, whatever. repeat for several sets.


I do intervals on the rowing machine in the gym.

At home I follow Coach Davies HIT routine in Fat to Fire.

Basically a cardio circuit where you do 4 differnet exercises (jumping jacks, slalom jumping, etc.) for 30 seconds each for a total of 2 minutes.

Rest a few minutes, then repeat four more times.

heavy bag work or
mountain climbers, jumping jacks and other jump stuff… The GPP circuits that John Davies gives work good for this.

Hey BigWall,

Someone mentioned ropework with weight training intervals… I don’t know if this is what they had in mind, but Mike Mahler wrote an article called “High Octane Cardio” that has some really effective training profiles in it. It has methods that revolve around track running (road work), rope work, and heavy bag training. Give it a try next rainy day.


Check out my article on HOC here at t-mag. Do intervals of heavy bag work or jump ropping with ballistic weight training (dumbbell swings, snatches, clean an jerks)

Mike Mahler

I run in the rain but not when it’s storming… Running in the rain is great for the soul… I love it! I’d rather run in the rain than in the belting sun…

But if I can’t run then it’s the row machine or heavy bag work…


You could tag the Mrs. for 20 mins!!!