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HIIT Jump Rope


I found and read through what posts I could find on this, but some of it is still unclear to me. I've been attempting HIIT with jump rope, but based on what I read, was not doing it long enough or my intervals were off. I was hoping someone who has tried and tested it successfully could provide some input to my general questions about this.

What I've been doing: Jump rope for 60 seconds - 30 seconds are at a normal pace and 30 are at a fast pace (jump rope around twice), then I rest for 30 seconds. I do this for about 10-15 minutes. I do see some result, but I don't think I'm properly utilizing HIIT.

What I read was that I should be doing fast paced jump for 60 seconds and then a total rest for 60 seconds and do this for 15-20 minutes. I was hoping to get a clarification on this as well as a way to quantify what a fast paced jump might be in jumps or rope rotations per minute since people jump at different rates even with the fast plastic/ball bearing ropes. Any clarifications on the matter are appreciated.

Some random, but related questions:

1) Is it ok to do crunches/sit ups in the 60 second rest period or should it be a complete rest?

2) Is this kind of cardio training ok to do 3 times a week if I'm lifting 5 times a week or should I be doing it 5 days a week? I'm trying to burn as much fat as I can to make weight for a special racing shell (rowing). Not in a rush to do so, but by the end of the year would be ideal.

Thanks! :]


1) If you are able to do crunches in your rest periods you are doing something wrong...
when I do HIIT/Tabata with sprints or squats I can't do anything but sit and breath as hard as I can for 10 seconds or otherwise I wouldn't be able to do just one more intervall...

2)If you were doing it right, doing hiit three times a week is probably a bit much... I myself did tabata back squats 2-3 times a week and felt pretty exhausted all the time so you better watch out for signs of overtraining.

I don't know whether jumping rope is a good choice for doing HIIT because I don't know if it can exhaust you enough in that 20seconds. You should try front squats with 20seconds squatting and 10 seconds rest for four minutes and compare


I disagree on the jump rope for HIIT part. I think it's a really good alternative to sprints if done right. What Iâ??m trying to determine is if Iâ??m jumping too fast because I donâ??t think I could keep my â??fastâ?? pace for 60 seconds if thatâ??s the goal.

Iâ??m going to see if anyone has additional input otherwise Iâ??m going to restart my HIIT training at 4 minutes and see if I can work up to 15 minutes with the 60 second fast jumps. I don't know much about tabata, but I can't do squats at the moment due to some physical limitations.

But I'll be sure to rest rather than working in crunches between sets.


I've done HIIT with Jump rope.

Tabata, to be exact.

I can't comment on what concrete effect it has had, because I cleaned up my diet and did a lot of other activity, but I think it's a good option. I've lost fat, but I can't attribute it specifically to the HIIT rope.

Try doing double-unders (youtube it) with the 20 seconds on, and then just try not to barf on the 10 seconds off.

Then again, as always, it depends how fit you are. If you are just starting out, don't kill yourself on those intervals.


I second these (I find doing HIIT 3x/week to be manageable). I don't see how you could jump rope with the intensity required to make it HIGH INTENSITY interval training. However, if you can, more power to you.

Crunches should be out of the question during your rest periods. Walk, jog lightly (jump lightly? if that's your thing), but it shouldn't really be taxing at all.

If jumping rope is sufficiently intense, and 30/60 is too little, but 60/60 is too much, maybe start somewhere in the middle? One tactic I've found when attempting to improve my conditioning is to work in 2 minute intervals, and gradually increase my sprint length while decreasing my rest at regular intervals. So an example would be:
(work/rest, in seconds)
30/90 - week 1
35/85 - week 2
40/80 - week 3
45/75 - week 4
50/70 - week 5
60/60 - week 6 (finishing week)

Or something like that.


Try finishing your rounds w/ 10-20 double unders.


I've used this system to lose around 20lb in a month. Jump rope for 20 minutes (2 times a day for added effect if you want). Start with 100 double unders (fast paced) and resume regular roping till you reach a five minute mark and do another set of 100 double unders repeating the 100 double unders at every five minute mark and finish with a set of double unders. So 5 minutes would look like this 100 double unders and finish the rest of the 5 minutes with regular roping. The exception would be the last five minutes where you would start with 100 double unders, do regular roping and estimate how long it takes you to do a set of double unders and leave enough time in the last five minutes to finish off with a set of 100 double unders. I suppose if you could do triple unders, even better.


I read a study recently that said you get as much aerobic benefit jumping rope for 10 min/day as you jogging 30 min/day. Maybe someone has this link?