HIIT intervals

Searching through the forum, I have been unable to locate what others have recommended as the intervals for a HIIT session. More curious to find out if studies with different intervals of the max rate have been compared against others. Tabata et al is the only one I have seen. Have others here experimented, varied the bouts, strictly adhered to one, or what.

What really got me lean in no time was when I did 10mins of 1:1 HIIT (20s/20s) on Monday, 30mins of 1:3 (90s:30s on) HIIT on Wednesday, and 20mins of 1:2 HIIT (60s:30s on) on Friday. I think those protocols were outlined in Ripped, Rugged and Dense by J. Marion? Also, in addition, I did 45mins of cardio at 65-75%MHR 5 days per week on an elliptical. Also, my lifting was MTRF Titan Training. My diet was Berardi’s Massive Eating at maintenance calories, and I took a dose of 4ADEC each day. I am guessing that if I didn’t take the 4ADEC, then I would have lost LBM? Oh, and I took 2MD6 before each cardio/HIIT/Lifting routine. And when I wasn’t working, studying, eating or working out, I was sleeping. I don’t think all that training would have been possible if I didn’t eat right, sleep right and get jacked from the MD6 and 4ADEC.

1:1/2, 1:1, 1:2, and 1:3 (and probably some others) have all been studied and each have various benefits. Drop me an email and I’ll send you an article that I wrote on the subject.


JP, Joel’s article and protocol are great. Send off for them. It’s a limited time offer and costs four measley installments of $9.99, cash only. Just kidding, drop the guy a line and he’ll shoot 'em off to you.

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