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HIIT + GPP + Weightlifting


How does this look? My weightlifting routine is Waterbury Method and the GPP routine is GPP ASAP.

Monday: (AM)-Weightlifting, (PM)-HIIT
Tuesday: GPP
Wednesday: (AM)-Weightlifting, (PM)-HIIT
Thursday: GPP
Friday: (AM)-Weightlifting, (PM)-HIIT
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Off

Goals: Drop BF%, increase work capacity, increase strength, prevent muscle loss


It's not a terrible plan as-is, depending on how you're eating, but you might realize you're having trouble either going full throttle in the HIIT sessions or going at a decent intensity with the GPP.

HIIT is very intense (duh, it's in the name) and can be a lot to handle, especially as the second session of a two-a-day training plan. Combine that with the relatively-high volume of lifting, and it might become too much.

You may want to consider adding a third GPP day on Saturday and turning the HIIT sessions into 15-20 minutes of steady state, moderate-intensity cardio like high incline walking or jump rope (either still as a second daily workout or just tacked on immediately after lifting).

I saw your pictures in your old training log and, unless you've changed drastically in a few months, you don't really need something as intense as two-a-day training sessions just yet.

So either of those changes to the "cardio", plus hard lifting like the WM, plus tightened-up nutrition should get you where you want to go.