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HIIT for the first time

Just started HIIT for the first time this week, my first session I felt sick but rested until I recovered…took nearly an hour. My second session I was feeling sick again was resting then the phone went so I had to go up the cellar stairs to answer it before I could answer the phone I felt light headed and had to rush to the toilet to say bye bye to my Grow shake.

Anyways, does the baking soda trick work? And will the nausea lesson when my conditioning improves.

Hmmmn, and I thought squats were bad!


Yes you will become better adjusted as you go and it sounds as though you may be taking in your grow a little to close to when you perform the HIIT.

Dont do it after an overnight fast but you cant expect to down a shake and then go bust ass and not expect to feel like crap. Wait atleast an hour after eating anything. I personally wait around 2 hrs and then I am ready for a meal right when I finish, after I recover.

Hope that helps some.

Thanks Phill, I think perhaps your right, I only had my shake an hour before. Think I’ll give it a couple of hours in future.