HIIT Favorites

Post your HIIT of choice. I’m interested in some new ideas to incorporate on my 12 week cut.

I currently only use the treadmill, which has its drawbacks. The belt takes time to speed up and I’ve dropped shit off the holders when I get it going really fast. I haven’t fallen off yet (knock on wood).

My routine is 45 sec run @12.5 mph and 90 sec walk @3.7 mph for 20 min.

What’s your favorite HIIT?

nothing new, but works. Burpees 20sek work/10sek rest for 8 rounds. This can hepl: www.speedbagforum.com/timer.html

When it comes to the tredmill I still like the 1min on 1min off.

second the burpees.

Or just running the lines on a basketball court with 1mins break between sets

30 second sprint, 30 second walk, repeat
Hills, run up, walk down

i cant do it on the treadmill either, too much stuff going on. i just run outside. as hard as i can as long as i can, walk for a little, then sprint again usually 8-10 times. occasionally followed by a visit from pukey

any fight gone bad routine

You can set up two treadmills, one fast one slow then hop back and forth.

The V-Diet end of the week challenge is a nice change of pace from sprinting and you can do it at home.

[quote]LazyElemental wrote:
30 second sprint, 30 second walk, repeat
Hills, run up, walk down[/quote]

This, you can’t beat hill repeats.

[quote]LazyElemental wrote:
30 second sprint, 30 second walk, repeat
Hills, run up, walk down[/quote]



I love doing 1 minute walk 30 sec run. I can get done with the whole thing in about 15 mins. Anyone ever use Waterbury’s GPP ASAP? I don’t think it burns as much fat as sprinting, but it’s great for overall conditioning.

Jump rope followed by stairs.

Jump rope: ~10 minutes (for me – I do 80 jumps in 40 seconds, rest 20 seconds = 1 minute/set; repeat 10X)
Stairs: ~15 minutes (13 flights X 2or3 doing 3-5 push ups between floors. Only resting for the pusy ups and to take the elevator down.)

**I wouldn’t call this a favorite but it works

and this really helps. totally worth the $1.99 I paid: http://www.plainandsimplesoftware.com/RoundTimer%20(Android).html

check out the articles in rosstraining.com those are some great routines. I like the magic 50, the work capacity 101 I’ve never done but Im willing to bet it would get it done. The deck of cards workout is very versatile. Heres a few I like, some arent HIIT per se but they’ll accomplish the same thing.

10 highpulls
10 hang cleans
10 overhead press
10 squats
10 lunges per leg
10 stiff legged deadlift
10 burpees
rest 1:00 and repeat 3 times at least

10 burpees
hill sprint
10 clapping pushups
run back down the hill
8 rounds as fast as possible no rest if you can. Nice and quick.

Sprint (I use 30m, it doesnt matter too much as long as its a decent distance)
sprint backwards (to start)
strafe left (to start)
strafe right (to start)
sprint (to start)
for 3:00 rounds with 1:00 rest, 4 rounds at least. Try to pack in as much as you can in each round.

500m row on rowing machine
20 dips
20 pushups
rest 1:00 repeat for as many as you want

21 burpees, dumbell thrusters, sandbag shoulders (I use a heavybag but power cleans would work too), then do 15, then 9. As little rest as possible but rest comes as you need it.

30 second punchout on heavybag (constant 1-2-1-2-1-2 as fast as possible)
30 seconds burpees
30 second punchout on heavybag
30 seconds knuckle pushups (with gloves on)
30 second punchout on heavybag
30 seconds burpees
1:00 rest, 4 rounds. This ones brutal on the shoulders.

30 seconds burpees
30 seconds high knee dumbell press/sprint in place
30 seconds lateral jumps over medicine ball
1:00 rest, 4 rounds. That is the meanest one ever.

If you want more just let me know, I love conditining since I used to box (still “do” but cant afford to go to the gym and go to college) and I know a tonne of routines that kick but, Ive tried them all. FYI the first 1 and the last 3 are the better ones.

Bash tire with sledge hammer 5min x 3 rounds 1 min rest
Throw a 110lbs/50kg log around then run to hit throw it 5min x 3 1 min rest (try to throw it on a different angle every time, eg infront of you, behind you, to the side etc)

Run up hills with weighted rope drag behind you,once at the top walk down carrying the weight

the hurricane training is phenomenal for hit training…

Rowing machine, I do 20 sec on 10 sec off for 8 min. If you can stand up after you didn’t do it right.

30 sec jumping jacks, 30 sec mountain climbers, 30 rest.

[quote]Myspacebarbroke wrote:

30 seconds high knee dumbell press/sprint in place[/quote]

Sorry if this is dumb but what exactly is a high knee dumbell press?

Hill sprints! Nothing too specific, just run up a steep hill around 40 meters, and walk back down. Repeat…

…until you’re sick.