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HIIT During a Bulking Phase

Hey just wanted to know if HIIT is worth doing in a bulking phase and if this is a good sprinting workout?

400m x 2
90 sec. Rest
200m x 2
60 sec. Rest
100m x 2
60 sec. Rest
50m x2
50 sec. Rest

MY progression will be adding another 50m on week 2, then another 100m on week 4, then another 200m on week 5…Then once I have 3 for each length I will return to two per each length but go from 2 sessions to 3 sessions.

Comments and Critique are much appreciated

increase 10% a week max.

Eat more to compensate.

If you have never done that work out, good luck finnishing it.

How many times a week?

And, why?

ok that sounds good and yes i tried it yesterday and IT KICKED MY ASS!!! and i am doing it to just increase my conditioning and I heard that a hiit workout like this could help me with insulin sensitivity in the muscles and perhaps repartition nutrients (mostly carbohydrates).

A healthy diet and regular exercise also helps.

Also, low stress level, good sleep patterns, healthy enviroment, positive attitude, etc

You are also using buzz words. Stop it.