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HIIT: Battle of the Anecdotes

Dave Tate has an amusing post about HIIT here:

"I had someone call me last week and ask me why I do cardio the way I do. Why I do not do interval and sprint type training? He then said something I have heard many times before. He said, a sprinter is leaner than a long distance runner.

"so I said…

"Wrestlers are famous for their high volume long duration training and they are much leaner than a sumo wrestler who does explosive type training.

"A lineman is fatter than a receiver. Who trains with longer durations?

"Bodybuilders (even the natural ones) get leaner than any athlete and carry more muscle mass and very few do internal based training.

Makes a lot of sense. I find it humorous when people only select examples of athletes when it “proves” their point. (I could care less whether you think HIIT is better than long-duration cardio. I simply find amusement in these battle-of-the-anecdote type posts.)

There’s a coupla dozen other subjects this could be applied to as well.

Here is a very good point by that many people miss.

Then as Jim said. Why does everyone seem to think all sprinters look the same because of their training? Maybe it is the way they look that made them sprinters in the first place.

A very lanky but same sized freind of mine and I were having a conversation about this yeasterday as it pertains to body type determining success in a sport, rather than success in a sport determining body type.

All this can be simplified by saying what we already know…

If someone is seeking to get lean, more than one approach works.