HIIT and Strength Training.

This is just a quick question but is it ok to perform hiit three times a week while doing strength training provided I eat more calories to compensate? The reason I want to do both is because I do combat sports and need to put on weight but want to keep myself conditioned.

Yes, it’s fine.

It can work if you want to gain muscle, strength or lose fat provided you eat the right amount of food and keep your recovery in check through proper post-workout nutrition, sleep, stress, etc.

I would recommend not performing more than 15-20 minute sessions and to also use a wide variety of exercises for those HIIT workouts. You can use sprints, bodyweight exercises, kbells, sandbags and a whole bunch of other stuff for variety.

In fact, I would recommend looking into Ross Enamait’s books because he works with combat athletes and has some great information and workouts that will keep your body from adapting while helping with your combat goals and strength goals.

You could add in some crossfit workouts to stay conditioned. I know crossfit isn’t a fan favorite around here but it does a great job at gpp.

Workouts like fight gone bad, tabata this and Cindy would probably be great for what your trying to do. They are short and very intense. Crossfit will also keep your workouts varied and it’s a lot more fun than straight hiit or cardio.