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HIIT and Jogging


I'm trying to lose bodyfat and gain cardiovascular endurance but still maintain my muscle and strength.

I have come across two good ways to do this.

High Intensity Interval Training

and medium intensity jogging/running for two miles first thing in the morning BEFORE breakfast since your gycogen levels are low.

Now can i do both on the same day? Can I jog in the morning and then do HIIT in the evening before I weight train?

I was thinking of jogging for 2 miles before breakfast everyday. And I would also do 10-15 minutes of HIIT on my lifting days(4 days a week).


There is no way to use JUST fat for fuel source, and to be able to use any fat as a fuel source i was under the impression you needed carbs and fats in you. jog whenever you want, HIIT will improve your cardio systems very well trust me and you will feel dead after them, if you really want to jog and HIIT in the same day and lift as well space it out with at least 4 hours between, i do my HIIT after my lifting because i have no other time to do so, and its not really good to do HIIT after a heavy leg day heh




CAN you?Sure. Would I?No.I would try something like TBT for training and do HIIT on your off days,nix the jogging all together.I assume your a basketball player,between the HIIT and BBall I don't see why you wouldn't be increasing your endurance that way.


You could try CW's WSP. It incorporates HIIT and some killer workouts that will maintain your muscle and lean you out. If you follow them and make sure your diet is in check you really can't fail. It certainly worked for me. Good Luck!



Jogging in a fasted state??? And you want to preserve/gain strength?? Jogging in and of itself makes it VERY tough to preserve muscle/strength when fed your asking to lose a shit ton if fasted.

Now fasted cardio IMO is great but has to be kept in check. LOW intensity what LL calls non panting cardio. A brisk walk, maybe throw on a weighted vest. Does a great job of being low impact and not catabolizing as much muscle during a hypocaloric diet. Couple that with the HIIT, solid diet and resistance training and be consistant with it all and your set to win, or lose.