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HiheelsBarbells Powerlifting Adventure

I wont bore you with the past. I’ll just wow you with the future.

Im ready to get back into BEAST MODE BABY!!!

Not new to lifting, just new to TRAINING PROPERLY for a PLing meet. There are two competitions in my area: 6/8/13 & 9/28/13

More than likely I’ll bomb the June competition but hope to do well in September.

Log starts tomorrow. I’ll be asking lots of questions so be prepared :slight_smile:


What makes you think you’ll bomb the June meet?

[quote]ouroboro_s wrote:
What makes you think you’ll bomb the June meet?[/quote]

Havent lifted heavy in awhile. Recovering from a few injuries. Event is in 6 weeks and Im sketchy on how I’ll progress.

Im trying to overcome my fear of failure. Making myself do this, even if I suck :slight_smile:

Maybe we mean different things by bombing. When we talk about bombs, we mean that don’t total. For instance I just bombed at nationals on bench. I got a squat in but no bench therefore I couldn’t continue on - so no total. Maybe it’s a Canadian term :slight_smile:

If you mean you’ll just suck by your own standards, I wouldn’t worry about it. Start light and have fun. If you haven’t competed in a while they’ll all be recent PRs right?

Overcoming fear of failure can be very liberating. I just reffed a high school meet and the overwhelming feeling I got from the girls was that they weren’t trying. The lifts looked way too easy as if they were afraid of failing and looking stupid. They will never know how much better they can be if they don’t fail.

Looks like my response did not go through last week. Yes, I mean I will suck by my own standards. Unfortunately Im one of those pathetic people who have a major fear of failure. I dont like to do something unless I know Im going to kick ass at it. I tried PLing a few years ago and was really good at it. Since then Ive had two surgeries and a few injuries so Im not as strong as I was, and may never be that strong again. That being said, Im trying to put that behind me and just do it no matter what.