Highschool songs

We all have em. What songs were you listening to in highschool? For me those are the ones I remember the most fondly and the ones which bring back the strongest memories.

Nirvana - Breed, Smells like teen,
GNR - Paradize city, Dont Cry (that one really sends me back in time)
Metallica - enter sandman. had just come out.
U2 - Numb. Coolest song.
STP - Plush. This was in Portugal, remember. Most didnt know the band, but we had a little MTV and I loved it.
AC/DC - Highway to Hell, Thunderstruck. Highway to Hell was the coolest song ever when I first listened to it. Became addicted to that song for a while, lol.

Anyhow, what were you listening to in highschool?

Moist - Push, Silver, Machine Punch Through, etc.
The Hip ← The staple of every Canuck.

REO Speed wagon
Van Halen not Van Hagar
Thin Lizzy
Billy Joel
Ted Nugent

And Of course… Frank Zappa

They didn't have music when I was in high school. I didn't invent it yet.

What Phatman said.

I saw 4 of those bands, plus pre-Halen Hager (not pre-Hager Halen, unfortunately), either while I was in high school or shortly after.

I’d throw in The Who and The Doors…not that they were in their heyday, but lots of people were into them. Probably because of AOR radio stations (god, I miss those).

And Pink Floyd. The Wall was huge then.

The two songs you were guaranteed to hear at a high school dance were “Freebird” and “Stairway to Heaven” even though they had been around for a while at that point. You’d probably hear “Do You Think I’m Sexy?” “Carry on my Wayward Son” “Only the Good Die Young” too.

Disco was still pretty big my first couple years of high school, so there was plenty of Bee Gees, Donna Summer, KC and the Sunshine Band and all that. (I’ve only recently come to terms with the idea of disco as a musical form.)

And oh yeah, Parliment/Funkadelic, and the Commodores. For a brief time, we had a juke box in the cafeteria. It broke because somebody played, “Brick House” too many times in a row.

Our prom was based on that Styx song, “The Best of Times.” (Why do they always pick sappy songs for those?)

Man Jim that brings back some great memories, how could I forget Pink Floyd? I went to a Styx, REO, Journey concert this summer. It was like I was 18 again for two hours. I had my son with me and he actually bought a Journey “T” and loved the concert. He said “You know Dad, I don’t think any of the bands I listen to will be around 20 years from now…” True Dat…

Phatman – you must be about the same age as me, 'cause you hit all of my faves. And Floyd. Styx. Rush – Tom Sawyer. Good stuff.

Ted Nugent! I almost forgot about him. And there’s Bob Seger. I liked Journey and Boston myself. Lou Reed and Boz Scaggs weren’t bad either for a change of pace.

Wow…this has turned into the old guy highjack. I graduated in 1981…you guys?

1981 - Turning 40 this month

Brider, I can’t help it if you have great taste in music!

I graduated in 98, Ms. Vedder, I think I got those same looks, I love the classic rock!!!

Hey now, I graduated in '93 but was mostly listening to Jimi Hendricks, Led Zepplin, AC/DC, Cream, Aerosmith, and Black Sabbath.

until a little thing called Grunge happened…

Then I was totally into Nirvana, STP, Pearl Jam and Alice-n-Chains.

We also listened to NWA and Ice-T now and again.

Kind of funny when you think about a bunch of cornfed famboys in Michigan rocking out to NWA, but there you go…

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