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Highschool, Early Grad, College

Recently I’ve been thinking out my options for college and have come across a few interesting ideas and I would like some advice.

Some background information:
I’m a Junior in highschool(first year at this school). Have not played any sports. Scored a 29 on ACT(I did not study, so if I wanted to put the time in I could raise it substantially). 4.1 weighted GPA. I realized I only needed 2.5 credits to graduate this summer. I am thinking about doing one of the following:

Option 1. Graduate Early(take the classes I need to finish online will total around 70 hours for 5 classes).

From there I could either:

  1. Take a year off.
    a. I could start BJJ again.
    b. I should have the house for a year or so.
  2. Go to my local University(UNR, I qualify for the Honors program). Then possible transfer to a UC school.
    a. I could start BJJ again.
    b. I should have the house for a year or so.
    Option 2. Stay in school(call of plans to graduate early)
  3. Could take AP Calc, English, History(second semester), Spanish*(second semester), and Art*.
    a. Join several sports at school.
    b. Just make friends.
    c. House parties.

*I could choose not to worry about spanish and art. Instead I could study for the ACT/SAT and plan on getting in on those scores.

Only you can make that decision.

Why would you want to graduate a year early?

I am the same age as you and have enough credits to graduate from HS early as well but I would rather take the very highest level of curriculum my district offers instead (and possibly some other courses). I have a friend who had to take classes through Stanford (Extension School) online because no high school offered a math class he hadn’t already trampled over. He still stayed in school, had an absolute blast of a senior year, and got into MIT. Being able to graduate early isn’t some rare feat but actually graduating early is rare because it’s just not worth it. You have her whole life to leave the “nest.”

The academic stuff I mentioned shouldn’t even matter. IMHO all things academic pale in comparison to the quality of life and senior year, as far as I know, is a year you would surely not want to miss out on. You can just take an easy class load or catch early-onset senioritis and train BJJ during senior year if that’s what you want to do. But that’s just my cent, take it or leave it.

Besides, wouldn’t you have had to apply to UNR by now?

No for early graduation I submit at the end of the academic year. I forgot to mention that if I graduate early, I should have the house to myself for a year or so.

[quote]SouthernGypsy wrote:
Only you can make that decision.[/quote]

I know that, I was wondering the perspectives.

Imo, no. enjoy high school… just coast that year… take the time to lift a LOT, enjoy your friends, take up a sport, powerlift or something…

take the time to improve yourself and enjoy

If I were you I would just have a sick year taking advantage of that house to yourself deal

[quote]KombatAthlete wrote:
If I were you I would just have a sick year taking advantage of that house to yourself deal[/quote]

It’s not certain, but that would be the one of the MAJOR +'s.

You only go to high school once, man.

Granted, you forget 90% of it within a few years of leaving, but I wouldn’t have missed out on the class-coasting, parties, and bonding with childhood friends of senior year for anything, especially a house to myself for a year and a few BJJ classes.

I finished my high school requirements at 16, started college under PSEO scholarship. Looking back, I don’t know if that was the best or not.

On one hand, I got 2 years of tuition + books for free. That was very nice, and has made my resulting loans small.

On the other hand, I pushed myself really hard - and at 18 I was sick of college, of formal education, and had to get away from it all - now I will graduate around age 22, negating the advantage of going to college early.

For me, I think it would have been best that I’d have graduated early and taken a break for awhile, saved up some cash - but that’s me.

The most important thing is to have fun - as soon as you stop having fun, you will hate your decision, no matter what it is.