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Highly Purified HCG

Curious if anyone has any experience with this, I believe it is a pre mixed solution. Anyone know of shelf life? Any experiences with it at all?

There’s no “highly purified” hcg it’s just the amount of water used to dilute it. Usually in small 5000iu bottles or 10,000IU… And they both work equally well as long as it’s real obviously.

Dont ever buy hcg premixed! Lesson learned.

Can you expand on your lesson? No real results from it? Give you bad sides?

Premixed HCG? The only thing that I’m aware of that you can mix is bac water. Reconstitution. I’m not sure what else you mix in with it prior to reconstitution. It isn’t a powder that you get

More specific, its HCG HUCOG (10000 HP)

Still doing a little research, some say you have to mix with Bac water, some say they dont. Lots of mixed info out there.

I’ve used the same hcg premixed. Did what it was meant to do. My nuts swelled up and I swear it made my cock bigger too.