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Highlighting of Responses

T-Nation: Less than 2-3 weeks ago; when a topic was responded too; 2 things happened: 1) a number appeared beside the reply (s) (which it still does) and 2) the reply AND number were highlighted in a bright red. (Which it no longer does). This was a helpful function.

Is there a setting or something I need to change…or is that “tagging” no longer there? (I have Windows 10 and GChrome). Thanks, guys!

The color scheme was shifted from red highlight/black text to black highlight/grey text, but you should still be able to see reply numbers for any threads set to “watching” or “tracking”.

In your profile, go to Preferences, then Notifications, and double-check your settings to determine when you want notifications:
Watch:Track Settings

Gracias! I was wondering where that setting was.

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FWIW, I had this thread set to “Tracking” and this is what just happened.

Before opening the thread:

After opening the thread: