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Highlighting in your Logbook


For a few months now, I've started to use a highlighter in my training journal.
Two colours, yellow(greenlight), and pink(redlight).
I highlight an exercise yellow if it's a pass, ie I achieved a new PR in some way.
Or, it's a fail, and I highlight it pink (lol), and know that I have to repeat the load/reps/sets/etc until I hit the target, ie 4 x 12 instead of 3 x 12 and 1 x 11 for example.

Just thought I would post this as I've found it a useful tool in measuring progress and programming your future sessions.


Lol at highlighting fails in pink. Good stuff.

I have a big whiteboard that I keep track of everything on, and I write my PR's in red and my old bests in blue.

Now I gotta get me a pink dry-erase marker.


lol, Yeah, sort of a motivator that pink can be.

I like using the colours for troubleshooting as well, like if for some reason you keep seeing pink for your db presses or whatever, and it's not just that you haven't gotten stronger(ie, making progress but not at your targeted sets/reps/load/etc yet), it might be time for a deload, or to rotate that exercise out(if you'd made a good amount of progress with it), or imbalances etc.


I get mad enough when I don't see at least ONE red number for a particular day...


The only thing in my log book is pencil led, sweat, Surge Recovery, and some chalk. :slight_smile: