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Highland Games Off Season Training Techniques


Some great information in there. I'm off the gym after I head to Dicks for supplies.


That's Gold!


Hahaha, I actually thought this was gonna be some useful info.


Lol, shocking.


Lol! oh geez, thanks, I needed a good laugh.

I personally love working the pecboobius maximus


Good stuff. Love the saftey squat bar treadmill lunges. There is a big shit-talking component to the games, especially among the pros. The guy he's ripping on is a freakin' beast, though, I wouldn't fuck with him.


Just the idea of Highland games seems so appealing. You just get some dudes together, slap on some skirts and throw some heavy shit, sounds like a good weekend to me.


I'm sure they know each other. Smith is indeed a beast, but from what I've seen he has a great sense of humor.