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Highland Game Competitors Training

competed in a small highland games in Austin and it was the best thing I ever did with competition wise. I am posting this to see if anyone has any training advice. I am currently not able to train standing up for about a month and want to compete in March. Any advice is appreciated. My strongest throw was for height at 13 feet with a 46 pound weight not great, but it was my first time doing it and I just went paid the fee bought the kilt and let it rip.

Great to hear. I remember how much fun my first games were.

The best thing you can do is to learn the throws. Throw, throw, throw. Try to find some people who you can throw with.

And get thyself to the NASGA board and check the training logs out for lifting advice. The scottish athletics community is a very welcoming crowd, so dont be intimidated to ask questions.

The guy that was hosting the games was really great on showing me the technique of the throws and I agree its alot of footwork and throwing. There were guys alot smaller than me throwing way further. Thanxs for the info I’ll check it out.

yeah throw, Ive done a few and am way stronger then the people I’ve competed against but stink at most of the throws!

Ya, you need to throw as much as possible first.

For me the WOB, caber and hammer throw were not too hard to pick up. I still can’t get the spin down necessary for many of the throws. One of my goals for 2012 is too try and learn.

Highlands games was really fun. The caber is a blast!

I liked it alot, I am off my feet for the next 3-4 weeks and then I can start throwing again. I am 36 years old so I am going to bust ass for the next 4 years before I get into the masters. I picked up some stones that were about the same size as the ones we were throwing at the games from a river by my house and I made a weight to swing and throw. I also have a buddy who has a deer lease with some pretty tall cedar trees.

I liked the caber toss alot, the way they did was a sudden death kind of deal though and I got 2 out of 5. The one i failed out on was 18 feet tall and the wind was much stronger than me and I had no technique for this. They where really helpful with this, but i had been going all day and my body just didn’t want to listen to me anymore. It was great time, I have the plan and can’t wait to start implenting this into a traing cycle. I also got alot of good info for shot put from Dan Johns website.

NASGAweb.com is the first place to go. Other resources are craig smith’s site, dan mckim’s site, vp productions which is ryan vierra’s. Teaxs has a huge heavies community so finding help will not be difficult.