Highish Free T and Mid Level Total

Is it possible to have a highish free T of 18pg/ml (top of lab range is 26) with a free T of 522 ng/dl and still have low T symptoms? Also I feel that my igf-1 was low ro doing 1-3 fast for weigh loss, how important it having a higher igf1 for muscle building( I have historically have had reading in the high 190’s before i started fasting). I am not currently on any TRT traetment and am wondering in if i would see benefits jumping on injections? Lastly, my estrogen has always been low on paper but I feel like i have some high E symptoms such as mild gyno. Please see labs below

Yes, it is absolutely possible. Total T is irrelevant. I know plenty of guys on TRT who still had symptoms with free T less than 30 ng/dL. The labs are irrelevant. If you have all the symptoms you would benefit from it.

I may also add that I developed mild gyno with my E2 at 12 pg/mL. The issue stemmed from a testosterone deficiency. Getting my free T levels optimized and keeping serum levels consistent (through small daily injections) resolved all symptoms.

I think the low estrogen is your problem which can cause symptoms similar to low testosterone. Low estrogen can cause fatigue and low libido not to mention mood problems.

You seem to lack aromatase enzymes for whatever reason. The only way I know to increase estrogen is more testosterone.