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Highest Vertical Jump In The World?


That guy, SquatDr from this site, has got to be close.


I read of a few Polish olympic lifters with near 50 inch vertical jumps, but there is no proof I can confirm :slight_smile:


Jesus thats just unbeleiveable


Yeah... Jesus had a pretty sweet verticle. He descended into heaven after the resurrection... I don't know how high that is, but I don't know of anybody else that has done it.


Wouldn't descending be into hell? I was under the assumption that heaven was up there, well, atleast until they realized the earth wasn't flat, then it was out there.


I wouldn't be surprised if Tony Jaa's was up there.


Kadour Ziani has got to be up there:

5'10" 56 inch vert


The highest jump in that video was MAYBE 50 inches, no way do I believe 56".




But he "ascended" not "descended."


Exactly. Not pointing fingers at anyone specifically, but I get tired of hearing " So-and-so has a 40-something inch vert!!!" There are few people who can get 40" off the ground, either running or from a standstill and there are obviously even fewer getting in the 50's. If SquatDr CAN actually get a 50" from a standstill he might be the only guy in the world to do it, and that's said with all seriousness.


Yeah, I'm still not totally sold on SquatDr's vert, but if/when he puts of a video of him doing it, then damn! I really want his vert to be real unlike the fakers you see all over the place.


Pic or it didn't happen.


I don't know what the actual vert on any of these guys is, but there are a few out there that actually blow your mind when you see them. Sometimes it's how high they get, and sometimes it's how quickly they get up there. SquatDr's is impressive. The french kid is impressive. Vince Carter at his prime was impressive. Jordan at his peak was impressive. The best I ever played against was a kid from Chicago named Ronnie Fields (teammate of Garnett). I don't know whether he ever got to 50" but it was damn impressive.


Frank Yang's vertical is only 40 inches and yet, alot of people think he's some kind of sorcerer... Just imagine how it would be like seeing someone actually jump 50 inches off the ground.


The pics SquatDr posted was done after his vertec jumps that day, so he obviously is down a couple of inches, as he's tired, but you can see his head is at rim level.
You can't fake that!

10 feet rim = 120inches
5'9" + 1 inch for shoes = 70 inches
120 - 70 = 50 inches

here is a video interview by a paper of SquatDr. You can see him put his chin on a 9.5feet backboard. A 5'9" guy in shoes touching his head on that backboard would be 44 inches off the ground as it is...
Again he wasn't fresh and didn't deload to peak, he sprinted the say before, and so not jumping his highest, but it still shows he can get up


I know some of the beach volleyball players were said to have 40" verticle out of the sand!


that's because they strategically form a large mound of sand to jump off to get them the extra height!!!


Michael Wilson might have been around the 50 inch mark. It was probably off a run though.

Here is a youtube of him doing the 12 foot dunk. I think he is 6'5".



oops... messed that one up.