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Highest Strength Level on Fina


What is the most strength any of you acquired while being on fina, bench press, squat, deadlift etc?


hehehe...remember when is the lowest form of conversation...but anyway I got 425 x 2 incline bb press, squat 585 x 10, power clean 315 x 4...some of the other stuff was front seated military press 315 x 6, skulls 275 x 5 on a straight bar, 225 x 10 bb curl, stack plus a 150 db front pull downs...That was fina, anadrol, I think some cypinate as the drol tapered down.


Jesus christ, 425 for 2 incline? Yo thats fuckin beastly. Where did you start from tho?


It was a long time ago, but I want to say 365 x 2...I can't be sure though...much of the time when I was off the sauce I worked with DBs...I pretty much never went more then 12 weeks on 15 weeks off...I've pretty much always cycled lifts in an unstructured sort of way, in the 5-20 rep range but I wasn't really trying to be a BB...My incline has always been real close to my flat bench, and I was 275 at the time so I wasn't thinking competitive power lifter...To tall to really be anything more then good in the gym.


How much did you lose when you went off cycle?